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Lock Definition of Lock by Merriam-Webster.
2 a: to fasten in or out or to make secure or inaccessible by or as if by means of locks locked himself away from the curious world. b: to fix in a particular situation or method of operation a team firmly locked in last place.
Locking dance Wikipedia.
Funk music is still commonly favored by locking dancers and used by many competitions such as the locking division of Juste Debout. Locking movements create a strong contrast towards the many fast moves that are otherwise performed quite continuously, combined with mime style performance and acting and other dancers.
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Lock n Go locking on the smart lock per pressing or turning.
Locking with the Smart Lock. Locking the Smart Lock via button or knob. You can lock or unlock your door by pressing the button on the Smart Lock. Alternatively, you can simply turn the aluminium knob on the Smart Lock, as if you would turn the mechanical key.
Bicycle Lock-up.
When locking your bike, make sure to lock any installed locking mechanism like a pre-installed battery lock. Many E-Bikes have a monitor, or cyclometer. Make sure to remove these if possible, and any other easily removable accessories before locking your bike.
Call lock'some' locking clause' to use a database-specific locking clause of your own such as LOCK IN SHARE MODE or FOR UPDATE NOWAIT. Account.transaction do select from accounts where name shugo limit 1 for update nowait shugo Account.lockFOR" UPDATE NOWAIT.find_byname: shugo" yuko Account.lockFOR" UPDATE NOWAIT.find_byname: yuko" shugo.balance 100 shugo.save!
Locking definition of locking by The Free Dictionary.
XinChen Caster Wheels Company Announces New Central Locking Casters Wheels for Medical and Hospital Furniture Use. In explicit locking, for each MCR access, a lock is needed not only a class, say A, but also on every sub class of A through inheritance hierarchy.
Locking dans Wikipedia.
Locking ook bekend als Campbellocking is een moderne dansvorm die vaak gebruikt wordt als streetdance in combinatie met hiphopmuziek en soms funk. De danser wordt een Locker genoemd. Bij locking wordt gedanst met snelle overdreven bewegingen, waarbij vooral de armen en de handen worden gebruikt en waarbij de heupen en benen minder dominant zijn.
lock statement C reference Microsoft Docs.
The following example defines an Account class that synchronizes access to its private balance field by locking on a dedicated balanceLock instance. Using the same instance for locking ensures that the balance field cannot be updated simultaneously by two threads attempting to call the Debit or Credit methods simultaneously.

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